Block ads on Google

Block ads and access to your data in Google

Block ads and trackers on the search engine
With Shelblock, remove free ads from Google search results and from all websites you visit. The anti-advertising software also protects your browsing data by preventing cyber-spying

Fed up with untimely ads? 😡

Do like our 0 users, try Shelblock and get rid of ads.

Good product, does the job. I installed this because I read about it in a news article.
Excellent, easy to install and more options than AdBlock.
Really good app, I recommend it to you :)
Good and useful software.
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Block ads and protect your personal data for free on Google

Eliminate all ads
Efficiently remove ads from websites and applications you visit with Shelblock's predefined block list. Add the sites and software you want to allow or block access to.
Keep your online life private
Browsers and search engines collect your personal data to resell them to advertising agencies. This is also the case of social networks and even some adblockers. Shelblock secures your data by eliminating all trackers
See our article on cyber-espionage

We answer to your questions

Is the protection easy to activate?
Yes, simply download the Shelblock software from our website and open the downloaded file. Choose your level of protection (Standard or Premium) and your computer will be automatically protected!
Is the software free?
You can choose between two levels of protection. If you choose the basic protection of your browser, it's free (Shelblock Standard)

Surf better than with a classic adblocker

Set the block settings
Enable and disable the different predefined blocking rules to choose the level of protection you need. Maximum protection is enabled by default.
Watch the statistics
Customize the white list

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Google's use of personal data: how can you protect yourself?
Google's use of personal data: how can you protect yourself?
You want to prevent Google tracking on the Internet and protect your personal data? Shelblock allows you to stop spying on your business!
X-Client-Data: How to prevent Google from tracking you on Chrome?
X-Client-Data: How to prevent Google from tracking you on Chrome?
Shelblock allows you to avoid being tracked on the Internet, in particular via Google tracking. Block trackers to protect your privacy!
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