New Microsoft Edge: How do I protect my personal data?
New Microsoft Edge: How do I protect my personal data?

New Microsoft Edge: How do I protect my personal data?

July 16th, 2020
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You have updated Windows 10 recently? Microsoft Edge has also been updated, with a new look and feel, but does it protect your data better? Can you browse without being spied on by merchants or social networks? We give you the keys to protecting your data by surfing on the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge update: what's new?

The new Microsoft Edge, based on Chromium, has arrived and brings its share of new features, but are they still useful? In addition to the ease of importing your shortcuts, favorites or other passwords, the browser unveils its new features: **new protection for browsing data, Microsoft extension installations, but also Chrome Web Store, Netflix reading in 4K, integration of the Office 365 suite, ...

Many reasons to test it and why not change your browser for more security! But is Microsoft Edge really benevolent? Does Microsoft Edge really allow you to browse and at the same time protect your personal data?


Protecting your privacy on Microsoft Edge

There are new settings for protecting your privacy on Microsoft Edge. In the "Privacy and Services" settings, you can choose "Normal Usage", "Basic", or "Strict" tracking prevention to block more or less Internet trackers.

But despite this proposed protection, the browser can also track your activities itself to "improve Microsoft's research and products" or by sending "incident reports and data about how you use the browser" and choose targeted advertisements based on your research. So how do you make sure that you are not being spied on by either the sites you visit or your Microsoft Edge browser?


How do I protect my data on Edge?

Want the best security, block ad trackers, and protect your data and history? It's time to use Shelblock, the best software to protect data on Microsoft Edge.

With Shelblock for Edge, you have a total and customizable protection:


Why Shelblock is the best ad blocker

Shelblock is the best ad blocker because it doesn't just have this one feature!

By installing our anti-ad blocker, you can also :

  • Benefit from an effective and complete parental control to protect your family.
  • Remove ads from websites but also to watch TV replays without ads or listen to your music unlimited on YouTube, Spotify and Deezer without ad breaks.
  • To prevent tracking and thus make you the target of ad tracking on social networks, for example, and on all the sites you visit.

You will have understood it, Shelblock is an efficient and effective anti-advertising software that secures your Internet navigation and offers you functionalities compatible with your search engine.

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