Social networks: how to block ad tracking?
Social networks: how to block ad tracking?

Social networks: how to block ad tracking?

July 30th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

Tired of seeing unwanted ads appear when you're on social networks? You no longer want your data to be used to offer you products and services every time you go to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account? Shelblock helps you get rid of it so you can enjoy your favorite apps again with peace of mind!

Why do we see advertising on social networks?

You often come across "sponsored" publications when you connect to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest accounts? Sometimes you see ads between your friends' posts, often related to a product or a theme that you've viewed a few minutes before? It's not a coincidence but a marketing technique! This is called advertising tracking.

How does targeted advertising work?

Advertising tracking (or retargeting) allows certain websites to analyze the content you watch on the web to offer you similar ads that might be of interest to you. Their goal, to spark your interest to encourage you to click and often... to buy. That's why, if you do a search on your Internet browser to buy a cookbook, for example, you will have a few minutes later, many pop-up windows and ads related to cooking that appear on your Facebook news feed or on your Twitter account with the mention "sponsored".

These sites use cookies to keep track of our activities on the Internet and offer us new advertising content every day that we may not necessarily want to see. Luckily, there are tips to remove advertising on social networks!

Our advertising blocker Shelblock aims precisely at preventing untimely advertising on the Internet but also at protecting your privacy.

Shelblock helps you to remove ads on social networks

We know how annoying it can be to come across an ad every 2 or 3 publications, so we designed** Shelblock** to block ads so you don't have that problem anymore when you go on social networks.

Our adblocker allows you to remove advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Twitch! For that, you just have to :

  • Download Shelblock
  • Install the software by double-clicking on the shelblock_installer file.
  • Once installed, Shelblock icon will appear right below your desktop
  • You don't have anything else to do, ads are automatically blocked!

Shelblock is now well installed on your computer, you can now go on social networks while being rid of targeted ads as well as tracking your activity and Internet searches.

Choose Shelblock for unlimited peace of mind.

If you like our anti-advertising software and want to use it unlimited, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription or a lifetime license, to continue to enjoy your advertising-free social networks with peace of mind!

So you can once again serenely enjoy your friends' photos and posts without being prompted to buy. And good news: Shelblock can also block ads on Internet browsers, music platforms like Deezer and Spotify, TV replays or on Youtube!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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