What is the best ad blocker for Chrome?
What is the best ad blocker for Chrome?

What is the best ad blocker for Chrome?

November 10th, 2020
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Our Internet pages are invaded by advertising: flashing ads, banner ads, pop-up windows, sponsored publications... It sometimes becomes difficult to access content or a website without advertising! Tired of all the ads that appear every time you use Chrome? Good news, there are effective solutions to block them! Follow our tips on how to remove ads on Chrome with ease.

Why block ads?

Beyond their annoying appearance when they appear on our web pages, ads have other drawbacks that make us want to remove or block them :

  • They slow down the loading of web pages
  • They are often intended to incite the purchase of
  • They allow certain sites or browsers to track us
  • Some advertisements hide online scams

You will have understood it, most of the advertisements are not favorable to your navigation and on the contrary, they do not always ensure a secure connection. To avoid taking risks when you go to your browser, we therefore advise you to block ads on Chrome. This will allow you to avoid malware such as adware, online scams or browsing trackers that are used to offer you personalized ads.

shelblock-popup.JPG [Website with advertising]

shelblock-sanspopup.JPG [Advertising-free website]

How to block advertising on Chrome?

You can block pop-up windows directly from Chrome. This feature, available in the browser settings, will allow you to choose to allow or block ads on a specific site, depending on your needs and preferences.

While this solution seems sufficient, it unfortunately does not completely secure your Internet connection. For example, it does not prevent Chrome from tracking you through the X-Client-Data identifier, which allows us to collect your browsing information and data in order to offer you targeted advertising.

Using an ad blocker: a 100% effective solution

An effective ad blocker will allow you to have all the features offered by the Chrome ad blocker but in addition, to ensure secure browsing, additional features such as blocking other content (TV replays, social networks, streaming sites) while protecting your personal data.

Among the best ad blockers, Shelblock is doing very well thanks to a complete and varied offer. Our anti-advertising software will allow you to remove all the ads on Chrome and on all the sites you are used to visit.

Why is Shelblock the best ad blocker on Chrome?

In addition to ad blocking, Shelblock offers many features:

Advanced ad blocking: TV replays (6play, MyTF1), Youtube, Spotify, ... A white list and a black list: choose more specifically on which websites you want to allow or block advertising A parental control: to secure your family's Internet browsing The protection of your personal and navigational data


Block Chrome ads with Shelblock

  1. Download Shelblock](/en)
  2. In your downloads folder, double click on the installation file and follow the instructions.
  3. That's it! Ad blocking with Shelblock is now fully enabled.
Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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