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Frequently Asked Questions

About Shelblock
What is Shelblock?

Shelblock is computer ad blocking software. Available for Windows (versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10), it ensures safe and peaceful browsing.

By installing Shelblock for free, you are immune to system-wide ads and trackers. The software blocks intrusive windows trackers and cyber threats like malware and intrusive trackers to protect your privacy.

Unlike traditional ad blockers, Shelblock can be used without extensions. You only need to install it once to protect your system anywhere and anytime.

Choosing Shelblock means countering web trackers but also always keeping your data private with a single program !

Which browser(s) can use Shelblock?

Shelblock works with all browsers, regardless of the versions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.).

To install it, you only need to use a recent version of Windows (7, 8, 8.1 or 10).

How does Shelblock stand out from other ad blockers?

Shelblock is not just an ad blocker as it works as a complete protection system.

Besides ads, Shelblock also protects your personal data by blocking cyber threats. It also lets you know precisely which software and applications on your system pose threats.

In the Statistics tab, Shelblock gives you the number of data blocked on these trackers as well as the data you save by using the software.

Is Shelblock an antivirus program?

Shelblock is not an antivirus program and cannot remove viruses from your computer. It is software that blocks ads and trackers from your entire system.

To learn all about the features of the anti-ad software, see our article on 5 reasons to download Shelblock.

Is shelblock free?

Shelblock is a freemium software. So it is possible to use it for free, but also by paying for a version with more features.

The free version allows you to block ads on all your browsers. It offers the ability to have secure browsing that includes privacy protection and tracker blocking.

The paid version blocks all ads on your computer. It stops ads on streaming services like Youtube or Twitch and also on music services like spotify and deezer. In the same way, ads on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and linkedin) are blocked.

Secure browsing is significantly enhanced for the premium version with threats and scams, malware and cryptojacking sites blocked.

Finally, the Parental Control feature allows you to secure your children's online environment. For example, Shelblock Parental Control will filter out inappropriate search results, block malicious sites such as pornographic sites, gambling sites or even those selling weapons.

As a parent, you can access the settings to customize the control. You will also be able to add sites to block.