Parental controls

Shelblock Family features

Discover Shelblock's parental controls, a simple feature that is comprehensive enough to protect children from the dangers of the Internet.

How does Shelblock Family work?

1. A parental code set by you

The parental code allows you to access Shelblock Family and ward off any attempt to modify it by your children. It is requested every time you open an inappropriate web page and limits access to certain online content.

2. Settings to easily enable/disable

The search results filter
Our parental control software filters search results by default, namely images, videos and websites considered inappropriate. This feature is available on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.
The inappropriate video filter on YouTube
With Shelblock Parental Controls, automatically turn on restricted mode on YouTube to prevent your child from stumbling upon pornographic or deemed explicit videos. You hide all dangerous content like hateful comments and harassment in videos.
Block lists for pornographic and other dangerous sites
Children and teens are being exposed at younger and younger ages to developmentally harmful content. Shelblock Family protects their innocence by blocking erotic messages and images. It also blocks access to dating sites, gambling, violent sites, and even drug sites.
The indication of the presence of parental controls for websites
This feature triggers a protection system by the websites and applications accessed. If content is deemed inappropriate under a certain age, it will be automatically blocked.

3. A parental list to customize allowed/forbidden sites

Who better to define the contours of parental controls than yourself? With Shelblock Family, you can simply customize the list of websites you want to restrict your children from accessing.

Secure your children's device in less than 5 minutes

Install the software on the devices your kids use.
Activate the parental code from the "Parental Controls" tab of the software.
Customize the blocks if you wish.
Your children will be automatically protected from inappropriate and dangerous content
on the web browser and applications.

Don't be afraid to let your kids surf anymore 😬

Do like our 0 users, install Shelblock Parental Controls to
guarantee safe surfing for your kids

I use shelblock to protect my privacy and that of my children on the internet. I also take advantage of it to not have ads anymore. It's cool!
Very satisfied with this software, after a few trials with competitors I was not happy with... I've been using Shelblock for a few weeks, the premium version is a real plus for security thanks to the parental control. It works very well on browsers, as well as spotify and youtube which I use every day. Thanks Shelblock!
I had installed an extension to block ads and trackers, but my son had disabled it. That's why I switched to Shelblock and since then I don't have any problems, it works just as well or even better (because it even works on Firefox). And with the parental control, I'm even more relaxed
Intuitive software that I totally trust! I recommend!
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Parental protection is available on all browsers and all search engines on your computer

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

Offer a better navigation to your family too

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